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Music I listen to

I grew up listening to what we now call *The Oldies* so I like them.  Other than that, I am pretty much a one-band woman, and I'll bet you'll never guess what band that is -- you got it -- THE MOODY BLUES!!!  I'll also listen to anything Justin Hayward did solo.  I just love his voice!!!  There are so many songs I wish I could hear him sing -- *Unchained Melody*, *Over the Rainbow*, *The Twelfth of Never*, just to name a few.  And, corny as it always sounds, *Nights in White Satin* is my favorite song in the whole word!!  It means so much to me as it does to so many people for different reasons.  Mine has to do with when my now husband was courting me and introduced me to The Moody Blues music.  Ah, those were the days, my friend!!!  LOL!!!  So that's the Music I Listen to -- are you sitting comfortably?  Then enjoy with me..............

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    moody fuchsia

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    SUPER FAN and Gathering arranger! :-)

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    Reply from JustinFan1:

    Hi Brian,

    I would have had the pictures posted a long time ago, but............first of all, I couldn't connect my old computer with Photo Bucket because I couldn't install Flash Player for some unknown reason, or perhaps I should say *reasons known only to the insides of my computer*! LOL!!! Then, as you may have been reading on the board, I got a new computer. I thought we were home free! We installed everything and were good to go. Except that the new Vista operating system is not compatible with AOL 9.0 Optimized!! And those were the only discs I had. So I had to call AOL and they were going to have to send me a new disc which would take 7 to 14 days. Of course it took 14 days. I received it last week and now I just have to get my Steve to help me install it and hook up the new computer again. If it's not one thing, it's another. So hopefully, we will reinstall everything the beginning of this week and get everything running properly. I will then be able to connect with Photo Bucket and get the pictures uploaded to download to TER and MBA. I'm just as anxious as you are!! :-)

    As for the 2010 Spring tour, I am hoping to go to all of the Florida venues, except Miami. I am also hoping to do one out-of-state concert, but I haven't decided which one yet. I am leaning toward doing one that no other fans have signed up for yet. I figure it might be easier to get a front row seat that way and maybe easier to get to see them after the show. I hate this ticket frenzy thing -- I'm really too old to go through this with every concert!! LOLOL!!! I'm sure it ages me an additional ten years!! And the few blonde hairs I have left on my head are sure to turn to gray!! I'll be looking forward to seeing you in Orlando. And I'll be sure you get Tony's pictures. Maybe I can just e-mail you them ahead of time. I'll try that today.

    Arline in Florida <------------hoping e-mail works
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    This is the other Steve from your table in Dallas; hope to see you and Steve at a show or two in Florida!

    Steve Hanson (and Janice)
    Austin TX


    Reply from JustinFan1:

    Nice to hear from you Steve!! We look forward to enjoying your company again in Florida. Let us know when you decide if and when you are coming down this way!! Arline and (the other) Steve